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Exceptional Service and Quality Bikes

Experience the beauty of small-town Iowa like never before with Local Spokes. We offer electric bike rentals and sales that are perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing exceptional service and high-quality bikes to our customers. Test ride our bikes before you buy to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Browse our site to learn more.

Rental Options

All e-bike rentals come with a helmet, headlight/tail lights, bike lock, & water bottle holder. Riders are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, speaker, bug/sunglasses glasses if wanted. 

Half Day Rental

5 hours or less

Full Day Rental

5+ hours

Corporate/Team Outings

Discounts available for groups 10+

Popular Trail Rides


High Trestle Trail

Local Spokes to Madrid

7 Miles

Madrid to High Trestle Bridge

 3 Miles

High Trestle Bridge to Woodward

 3 Miles

Round Trip From Local Spokes

26 Miles


Heart of Iowa Nature Trail

Local Spokes to Huxley

4 Miles

Huxley to Cambridge

4 Miles

Cambridge to Maxwell

8 Miles

Round Trip From Local Spokes

32 Miles


High Trestle to Ankeny

Local Spokes to Sheldahl
2 Miles 
Sheldahl to High Trestle Trail Oasis
 4 Miles
gh Trestle Trail Oasis to Ankeny
7 Miles
Round Trip From Local Spokes
26 Miles

High Trestle Trail Bridge
E-Bike, Electric Bikes Slater Iowa
Madrid, Iowa Bike Rental

Places to check out on the High Trestle Trail
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About Us

We're a small town loving group of cousins who have a knack for a good time. Started in 2021 we've focused on attracting people to Slater and providing greater access to Iowa's incredible trail systems. Perfectly located at the cross roads of both the High Trestle Trail & The Heart of Iowa Nature Trail, we can offer many different experiences to our rental customers.

As rentals took off and we began to meet people from around the world, we decided to expand into sales and began selling both new e-bikes as well as our used rental e-bikes. At Local Spokes we offer customers the chance to truly experience the bikes before they purchase. We recommend you come rent and fall in love with the e-bike advantage. 

Local Spokes High Trestle Trail



211 Main Street
Slater, IA 50244

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